​Mobile and Transportable
Continuing the briefcase design concept, the compact PC-TU100 is the ultimate LAN case. It is able to hold powerful low-profile graphics cards, Mini-ITX M/B, 2.5″ HDDs and SFX PSUs.

HDD / SSD Space
Drive rack in the bottom of the chassis,it can support two 2.5″ drives.

Slim ODD Module
Supports Slim ODD or 2.5″ HDD for easy installation and services.

Opening the side panel
To get inside the chassis, simply push the lever to release the side panel. No tools needed.

Expansion card length:193mm
PSU Space:170mm
CPU Cooler height:60mm
High Quality Aluminum Stand
Vented PCI Bracket
USB 3.0 / HD Audio port
Dual LED Power Switch(Blue LED for Power on / Purple LED for HDD reading)

120mm System Fan(Washable Air Filter)

Support SFX PSU


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​Model :                                                      PC-Tu100

Case Type :                                         Mini Tower Chassis

Dimensions :                                       (W)170mm x(H)277mm
                                                            (including feet and handle) x(D) 252MM

Color :                                                 Black / Silver

Front bezel Material :                           Aluminum

Side Panel :                                         Aluminum

Body Material :                                    Aluminum

5.25" drive bay (External) :                  Slim ODD x1

                                                            (Thickness: 12.7mm)or 2.5" HDD x1

Maximum Compatibility :                     VGA Card length: 193mm ,pSU

                                                            length:170mm ,CPU cooler

                                                            height: 60mm, PSU : SFX PSU (Optional)

​HDD bay :                                            2.5" HDD x2

3.5" drive bay (External) :                    2

M/B Type :                                           Mini-ITX , Mini-DTX

​System Fan (Optional) :                      120mm Fan x1

I/O Ports :                                            USB 3.0 x2 / HD Audio

PSU length :                                        USB 3.0 x2 / SFX PSU (Optional)

Package Dimensions :                        (W)235mm x (H)325mm x (D)330mm


電話: 2708 8309